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Newslinks for 8/25/2000

Feinstain's re-election bid draws crowd
Submitted by: Dieter

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Called for a trigger-lock requirement for guns, a ban on high-volume gun-loading devices, strict background checks for all firearms sold at gun shows and protections to ensure that juveniles cannot buy guns. "This is my passion, to see in my Senate career that we have prudent, targeted regulation of firearms."

When Governments Lie About Guns
Submitted by: Coloel

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When someone lies trying to sell you anything, you can bet it’s because they’re hiding something. They know if you ever discovered the truth, you wouldn’t buy whatever it is they were trying to sell. And that is precisely why you’ll never hear the truth from any government that sells “gun control” as the pathway to crime control.

IRS - Gun Registration Bill SB 2099
Submitted by: Steve Levin

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IRS - Gun Registration Bill SB 2099

Government Breaking News News Keywords: IRS 2099 SB GUN FIREARM REGISTRATION
Source: U.S. Senate
Published: 8/24/00 Author: Mr. Reed
Posted on 08/24/2000 10:02:21 PDT by Excalibr
Handgun Safety and Registration Act of 2000 (Introduced in the Senate) S 2099 IS 106th CONGRESS 2d Session S. 2099 To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to require the registration of handguns, and for other purposes. IN THE SENATE OF THE UNITED STATES February 24, 2000

Pitchfork attacker kills kids
Submitted by: Kurt Amesbury

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"The three girls ran about 300 yards to a neighbor's home, where they asked Juan Fuentes if he had a gun and could "go over there and take care of this guy," Fuentes said. When he hesitated, the girls called 911."

Denver sherriffs passing out gun locks
Submitted by: Lock This

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This report says a 4 year old boy fired his dad's .357 at a sherriff. What kind of moron would let a 4 year old get ahold of a .357? Kids shouldn't move up to the magnums until they are at least 5 - and they can hit their target with the smaller calibers. :-)

Seriously, it doesn't take a degree in rocket science to know you don't let a kid access a gun at that age unless you're with him teaching him how to hit his target. What a nimrod parent!

Kenya: cops who killed unarmed man get 15 years in prison
Submitted by: Gottobe

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"They said they mistook him for a carjacker because they had received information that the vehicle he was driving had been stolen by an armed gang."

"In his 44-page judgment, the judge said it was unnecessary for the officers to fire at the vehicle because police had sealed all escape routes from the city centre."

"Mr Justice Etyang said their actions were unjustified because they were not in danger as they were not confronted or attacked by the deceased."

IL: Northbrook Gun Owners' Group Applauds Nixing of Handgun Ban
Submitted by: Gottobe

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Local firearm owners today applauded the Northbrook Village Board of Trustees for voting down a potentially divisive gun ban proposal.

The proposal, which was supported by national gun control organizations, would have forced the placement of a referendum on the November ballot advising the board to pass a ban on handgun ownership by village residents.

Opposition to the referendum was led by the Northbrook Citizens for Responsible Firearms Ownership (NBCFRFO)...

Lott: The Real Cost of Gun Licensing
Submitted by: Gottobe

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This report of Lott's decimating of gun licensing is actually a good report...published on an anti-self-defense organization's website.

Police Survey Cited in Blast at Reno Refusal to Press Gore Investigation
Submitted by: Keep on Truckin

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"The Public Affairs Director of the Citizens Committee for
the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, cited a police survey taken
earlier this year according to which 77.3 percent of the nation's
command law enforcement officers indicated they disagreed with
Reno's earlier decision not to open an investigation of Gore's
fund-raising activities even when such an investigation was
recommended by FBI Director Louis Freeh."

John Lott Rips Licensing
Submitted by: Never Give Up

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August 23 Neal Knox Report -- In this morning's Los Angeles
Times Yale Law Senior Researcher John R. Lott Jr. calmly and
methodically lays out the facts against requiring licenses for gun
owners, which the California Senate is to consider next week.

California: gun licensing goes to "debate"
Submitted by: Charmer

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"A bill to require prospective handgun owners to obtain a license by passing both written and gun-handling tests cleared a major hurdle in the state Legislature Thursday, virtually assuring an explosive political debate on the issue before the end of the month."

"The bill would mandate that as of July 1, 2002, no one could purchase a new handgun, or receive one as a gift or transfer, without obtaining a handgun safety license first. The licenses would not be issued to anyone under age 21."

UK: police seize guns of those resisting and demonize the guns and their owners
Submitted by: Applebee

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Read between the lines on this one. It's like reading a report written by the Brits about the Americans in 1775.

When the government's boot is on your throat, whether it is a left boot or a right boot is of no consequence. — GARY LLOYD

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