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Newslinks for 8/29/2000

Anti-Defense CA Senator Has CCW Permit
Submitted by: Anonymous

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CA Senator Don Perata (D-Alameda) pushed an Anti-Defense
handgun license bill through the CA Senate yesterday (08/28).
He also has a permit to carry a concealed weapon. More elitist
hypocrisy from the government of the People's Socialist
State of California.

Sheriff warns citizens not to rely on the government for protection
Submitted by: Perry

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We should all have sheriffs like this.

Guy can't fly "that many" flags in California??
Submitted by: American

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"Red, white and blue -- these colors don't run."

"Heck, in Glendale, they can't even fly."

"That's what city bureaucrats told Kelly Khoury, a proud American citizen who emigrated from Jordan and embraced the American Dream by opening his own business. Over the last 18 summers, Khoury has celebrated his new country by flying 20 Old Glories above his gas station."

"But one pesky complaint and one misapplied city ordinance have put a damper on Khoury's patriotic ardor...."

Gun advocates say fear of liability keeps parents from teaching survival skills.
Submitted by: Jamie

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MERCED -- The first thing Jessica Carpenter asked for was a gun.

When the 14-year-old girl ran to a nearby house to escape the pitchfork-wielding man attacking her siblings, she didn't ask her neighbor to call 9-1-1. She begged him to grab his rifle and "take care of this guy."

By the time Merced County sheriff's deputies arrived at her home in rural Merced, her 7-year-old brother, John William, was dead. So was her younger sister, Ashley Danielle, 9.

Warrior Cops - The Ominous Growth of Paramilitarism in America
Submitted by: Kurt Amesbury, J.D.

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A briefing paper from the Cato Institute that explores the dangerous slide in police departments from regarding citizens as individuals under the Bill of Rights to seeing them as "the enemy."

"Confusing the police function with the military function can lead to dangerous and unintended consequences—such as unnecessary
shootings and killings."

AZ Gets CPHV Clone gun-hating group
Submitted by: GRRRRRRR

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Same distortions as their mommy gun banning organization: CPHV

"It hopes to work in the Legislature for mandatory trigger locks for all guns, registration of all handguns, mandatory training and background checks for all gun buyers, waiting periods for all gun sales and transfers, limiting the purchase of guns to one per month, and banning assault weapons, sniper rifles, armor-piercing bullets and high-capacity ammunition clips."

Police auction off guns in Kentucky
Submitted by: Hmmmmm

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Anti-gun editorial, but interesting news...

By night, they're geeks with guns
Submitted by: FunnyOne

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In what has become a ritual during Linux conventions throughout the nation, dozens of computer programmers have been gathering to catch up with old friends, trade tips on the latest hacking techniques, and fire off a few rounds at the local shooting range.

Call them Linux Libertarians. This subculture of hackerdom is less about guns than it is about an elaborate philosophy of a faction of freedom-loving geeks with an acute distrust for authority."

Dealer whose guns were in 'crimes all over the city' pleads guilty
Submitted by: Here we go...

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Who knows what the real facts are...

Kenneth Wisch, 49, of New Lenox appeared at a hearing before U.S. District Judge Harry Leinenweber and admitted listing wrong names as purchasers of the guns on reports to the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

One supposed gun purchaser listed by Wisch was actually dead.

``The guns have shown up in crimes all over the city,' Assistant U.S. Attorney Amy St. Eve told reporters after Wisch entered his guilty plea.

Article about California's treasonous licensing attempt
Submitted by: Shawshank Redemption

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"They're targeting the wrong people with this feel-good legislation,' said John Snyder of the national Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. "All this does is require law-abiding citizens to abide to more laws, instead of addressing the real criminal element."

Pro gun women go by the numbers
Submitted by: Shawshank Redemption

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"Self-defense is my God-given right," said Susan Camarata of Philadelphia, one of six speakers at the 30-person rally. She said she was kidnapped and raped in 1984 and believes she could have prevented the assault if she had carried a gun. Now that she does, she fears the anti-gun lobby will try to take it away from her.

"The million misinformed moms ... misuse statistics and tell outright lies. Do they want to put me in jail for exercising my God-given rights?" she asked.

9 yr. old shoots 12 yr. old brother to death
Submitted by: WHY?????

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Homicide detectives are trying to determine where a 9-year-old boy got a gun he used to fatally shoot his 12-year-old brother in their home on Detroit's east side.

Police say the shooting was an accident.

Dominique King, 12, died Friday night after being shot in the chest by his brother, police said Monday. The boy ran out on his front porch in the 7800 block of Carrie, stated that he had been shot, then collapsed.

Smile! The Feds Want Your Face on File
Submitted by: Ms. J. Reno (Shakes The Clown)

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"This would enhance the security of [the nation's] borders [due to] increasing threats to U.S. citizens and property"

GREAT! So this means we're finally gonna get some protection from the Klinton administration!........riiiiiight.

Sittin' here watching Klinton burn down Montana, Reverend Price

History does not long entrust the care of freedom to the weak or the timid. —Dwight D. Eisenhower

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