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CCRKBA Says Detroit Gun 'Buy Back' May Help Some Killers Escape Justice
Submitted by: Bruce W. Krafft

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"A gun 'buy back' staged this week by the Detroit, Mich. police was so successful that it ran out of money, and the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (CCRKBA) is concerned that it may have allowed some criminals to successfully get rid of their murder weapons."

"'All of the guns taken in by this project will be melted down, no questions asked,' noted CCRKBA Chairman Alan M. Gottlieb. 'That's just swell. Detroit homicides are up 17 percent so far this year, and this program just might be letting some killer destroy the evidence that could put him or her behind bars. Brilliant, just brilliant!'" ...

History speaks to right of 'free men' to possess guns
Submitted by: Bruce W. Krafft

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"Ken Mathison states in the July 16 Everybody's Column: 'Our founders included the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms for the law abiding . . . ' In this he is right and wrong. ... my research about the Second Amendment indicates that the founders' statements about the right to keep and bear arms included all 'free men.'"

"If this is the case - and I can find only one reference by Samuel Adams ("The Constitution shall never be construed ... to prevent the people of the United States who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms') that might suggest that the Second Amendment applies only to the law abiding - then all persons who have been formerly incarcerated ... are eligible to own and carry personal arms." ...

On wild horses and 'no-knock' searches
Submitted by: Bruce W. Krafft

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"Melvin C. Bailey, Jr., master chief petty officer, USN retired, writes in:"

"'I was impressed by the comprehensive nature of the Review-Journal's June 19 editorial, 'Police no longer need to knock.' Sadly, your hypothetical question about an American being surprised by the police breaking into their home (unannounced) and an innocent party dying as a result, has already happened.'" ...

Gun Control: Campaign Finance and ROI (NewsBusters)
Submitted by: Bruce W. Krafft

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"Previously, we examined how gun-rights voting records correlate with campaign contributions from lawyers and law firms during the 2004 election cycle.[1] This bias appears to remain in force for the 2006 cycle."

"According to the most recent Center for Responsive Politics (CRP) data, lawyers have retaken first place as the largest industry donor at $68,529,030, having dropped to second in the 2004 election after holding first place since the CRP began collecting campaign contribution data. Recent lawyer/law firm contributions heavily favor Democrats ($47,577,820 to Republicans’ $20,786,462), though the percentage of total contributions dropped from 74.5% in 2004 to 69.4% at present. ..." ...

FL: Shooting raises doubts on law
Submitted by: Bruce W. Krafft

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"A review of evidence in a North Fort Myers slaying has legal experts, surviving family members and a lawmaker who co-sponsored the bill questioning why Florida's new Stand Your Ground law protects the admitted shooter from manslaughter charges." ...

"Assistant State Attorney Hamid Hunter pointed to the fact Frazzini was wearing a camouflage mask and wielding a souvenir baseball bat. Hunter said Rasmussen had the right to use deadly force when he feared a masked man might attack his son." ...

"Even supporters of the law, including a state representative who co-sponsored the bill, question whether a firearm should be used to bring down a man waving a 14-inch desktop decoration." ...

AZ: 'Serial' case spurs sales of guns, pepper spray
Submitted by: Bruce W. Krafft

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"Mesa gun stores have seen some new customers lately: People ready to arm themselves as a serial killer threatens the area."

"Gun stores and gun ranges say they are busier, and retailers say they have seen an upswing in sales of personal defense items such as pepper spray."

"'Women are coming in looking for pepper spray, stun guns or alarms to alert people they need help,' said Valerie Masters, a saleswoman at Spy Masters at Alma School Road and Southern Avenue." ...

"Bridger Kimball, general manager of Caswell's Shooting Range at U.S. 60 and Horne Road said the store is usually moderately busy in the summer, but lately it has been 'very busy.' 'We've had a lot more women at our Ladies Day,' he said." ...

AZ: 10 years for Harold Fish (another view)
Submitted by: Shovelhead

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... "Dressed in prison garb, handcuffed in leg shackles and looking gaunt from his days in jail, Fish -- during a 30-minute speech -- vigorously defended himself."

"'I don't think the trial was fair,' he said. 'I feel that I am innocent and I should not have been convicted.'"

"'If the jury had been given all of the facts, they would not have convicted me.'"

"Fish was speaking of a ruling Moran had made early in the trial that Kuenzli's mental health records, statements from dozens of people describing troubling encounters with him and testimony from a former girlfriend -- who alleged Kuenzli terrorized her -- were not admissible." ...

Australia: Killer guard walks free
Submitted by: Bruce W. Krafft

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"A JURY has found security guard Karen Brown not guilty of murdering the man who attacked and robbed her outside a Sydney hotel."

"Karen Alma Brown shot William Frank Aquilina, 25, outside the Moorebank Hotel on July 26, 2004, as he fled with $45,000."

"A NSW Supreme Court jury took less than four hours to acquit Ms Brown, 43, of both murder and manslaughter." ...

"Her counsel also pleaded self-defence. It was not disputed that she had been the victim of a vicious attack, Justice Bruce James told the jury."

"'This was a very brutal attack with a knuckleduster on a slightly built woman,' he said."

"Ms Brown sustained fractures to her eye socket, wrist and nose, as well as multiple cuts and bruising."

TN: Harold Ford, Jr. On Guns
Submitted by: Bruce W. Krafft

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"With the primary decided, lets' look at an issue important to me. I'll do a post on Corker as soon as the man actually, you know, has a record."

"This morning on the local talk radio, Ford was asked about the second amendment. He stated he had a B rating from the NRA. I reported here that he had an F rating. My first thought was he just flat out lied to east Tennessee. But Ford isn't that stupid. I figured something had to be up. Turns out, Project Vote Smart has a timeline of sorts on gun ratings. I put it in chronological order and condensed it to the following:" ...

PA: Evans: Ending violence takes time
Submitted by: Bruce W. Krafft

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"Standing in the Point Breeze Performing Arts Center in South Philadelphia yesterday, State Rep. Dwight Evans met Abdul Brown, 9, and Michelle Williams, 17. Both lost siblings to gun violence within the last two months."

"At the nearby Dixon House community center, teenagers said they knew where to buy a 9 mm automatic pistol for as little as $100. ..."

"For Evans, it was another day in a long journey - his campaign to build a movement against gun violence."

"Although Evans talks about specific measures, from gun laws to mentoring programs, his basic message is simpler: To succeed, the effort to stop violence must be urgent and sustained, lasting for years." ...

FL: Homosexual-activist cop threatens Christians
Submitted by: Anonymous

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"A homosexual-activist police officer assigned to security at a Promise Keepers men's conference in Florida is being investigated for threatening members of a Christian organization petitioning for a state constitutional marriage amendment." ...

"His group had rented a display table at a June Promise Keepers conference in the Fort Lauderdale area to publicize its effort to collect more than 611,000 signatures on petitions ..."

"But as the signatures were being collected, officers of the Sunrise city police department ordered volunteers for to stop accepting names."

"'Officers then physically removed the petitions from 'public view' on the table at the exhibitors tent,' ..." ...

MA: Ex-officer's plea for leniency is rejected
Submitted by: Bruce W. Krafft

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"In an emotional appeal for leniency, former Boston police sergeant Harry A. Byrne Jr. urged a federal judge yesterday to let him 'pick up the pieces' of his life and go home after spending 30 months in prison for assaulting a Harvard student inside the Brighton police station in 2001." ...

"'I'm ashamed of how I acted that night, and I truly want to apologize,' said Byrne, 51, choking back tears in a courtroom packed with relatives, friends, and police officers supporting his bid for freedom." [emphasis added] ...

"The judge said Byrne should continue to serve some time ... A jury convicted Byrne of civil rights violations and witness tampering." ...

WI: Former Milwaukee Police Officer In More Trouble
Submitted by: Bruce W. Krafft

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"A former Milwaukee police officer accused in the Frank Jude Jr. beating is now in federal custody."

"Jon Bartlett was arrested by agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Friday morning. He is accused of lying on forms in an attempt to buy a machine gun and a handgun."

"It is illegal for him to purchase firearms because he currently faces three other felony charges, including calling in a bomb scare to his former police district station."

"Bartlett allegedly tried to buy the guns on July 26 at the Shooters Shop in West Allis."

"According to the federal complaint, he also tried to buy 1,000 rounds of ammunition and a larger magazine for the machine gun." ...

OH: Murder Conviction Overturned, Columbus County Man Free
Submitted by: Bruce W. Krafft

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"Thursday, with Governor Easley's signature, North Carolina became the first state in the nation to form a commission, charged with investigating claims of innocence, and possibly, overturning convictions."

"Now, a Columbus County man who just had murder charges against him overturned, is speaking out. ..." ...

"Jeffrey Watts, the man Johnnie shot, was a relative of state senator R.C. Soles. The Becks say that from the start, officials didn't care about the truth, that this was a case of self defense. The Becks say authorities wanted a conviction for murder."

"'Now we're finding out, witnesses are coming up from everywhere, they were told don't get involved, we don't need you, or they were scared,' Ronnie said ..."

Malaysia: Has Security Become An Unattainable Dream?
Submitted by: Bruce W. Krafft

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... "A good example would be the recent attacks on two Tunku Abdul Rahman College (TARC) students that took place within 5 minutes of each other. One student was killed while the other was severely injured."

"Where were the police then?"

"When faced with such savages, what else can citizens do, except think of ways to defend themselves?"

"How can they defend themselves?"

"Women have started leaving their jewellery in safe deposit boxes. Even the watches they now wear were bought from roadside vendors." ...

"Such humiliating 'self-defense' tactics, although negative and defeatist, do help keep tragedies to a minimum."

"However, when people begin to leave valuables in their homes as a sacrificial offering so that thieves breaking in wouldn't harm them, it is a sign of how terrible the situation has become." ...

PA: Time to unload on gun stupidity
Submitted by: John Thayer

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... "When it comes to controlling guns, Pennsylvania is a national embarrassment. Our legislature proudly refuses to place even the most superficial of restraints on gun buyers and owners."

"After a suicidal man bought a shotgun at a Horsham Wal-Mart in 2003 and shot up his former workplace before killing himself, I tried an experiment. I walked into a Bucks County Wal-Mart and tried to buy a shotgun. By answering a few rudimentary questions and submitting to an instant background check, I had my gun - or would have had I agreed to pay. The entire process had taken 27 minutes."

"No required safety courses, no cooling-off periods. No trigger locks. Not even a limit on how many guns one person can buy in a month. Insanity." ...

MN: Officer's Gun Discharges In Hotel
Submitted by: Bruce W. Krafft

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"No one was injured when an off-duty Woodbury, Minn. police officer's gun fired through a wall at a St. Cloud, Minn. hotel into another guest's room as the officer practiced holster and trigger pulls, authorities said." ...

"Woodbury Police Chief William Hering refused to release the name, rank or years of service of the officer on the advice of the city's attorney."

"'Right now we're treating that information as private,' Hering said Thursday."

"St. Cloud police said the officer who fired the gun is a 45-year-old Woodbury resident but declined to give his name. He was not arrested. Stawarski said the details were being forwarded to the city attorney for a review of possible charges." ...

OH: For volunteers, fun at matches is a sure shot
Submitted by: Bruce W. Krafft

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"A crowd of shooters poured into Camp Perry this week for the high-power rifle phase of the National Rifle and Pistol Matches, which run through Aug. 14."

"Making the competition an experience they will fondly remember are 140 volunteers toiling under a blazing summer sun."

"'Camp Perry is our second home,' said Glenna Grannis, an elementary teacher in Fort Wayne, Ind. 'My husband, Michael, is both a high-power shooter and a volunteer, and we invest our summer vacation in volunteering at National Matches.'"

"It can't be because of the pay. Volunteers get $20 a day and live in the spartan housing at Camp Perry, the Ohio National Guard facility on the Lake Erie shoreline, just west of Port Clinton." ...

IL: Jewel/Osco Boycott Supporters Thanked by ISRA-PVF
Submitted by: Bruce W. Krafft

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"'A great success' is how the ISRA-PVF is describing its month- long boycott of Jewel/Osco stores that ended Aug. 1. The ISRA- PVF called upon Illinois hunters and sportsmen to boycott Jewel/Osco after the company made a sizeable donation to Chicago area gun control groups. Heavily promoted through outdoor publications, the boycott was intended to remind Jewel/Osco that the Second Amendment is not for sale."

"'I'd like to personally thank all of those who shopped somewhere other than Jewel/Osco during the month of July,' said ISRA-PVF spokesman Richard Pearson. 'Our office received hundreds of calls and e-mails from around the nation wishing us luck. I think our message hit home.'" ...

OH: OOPS: Toby Hoover admits gun control not a priority for Ohioans (BFA)
Submitted by: Bruce W. Krafft

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"In 2003 ... gun ban extremist Toby Hoover repeatedly asserted that 'The majority of Ohioans oppose carrying concealed guns' and 'The majority of Ohioans oppose secretly carrying hidden loaded guns in public.'" ...

"Fast forward to 2006: Hoover is now inadvertently admitting that something has changed in the past two years since concealed carry became law." ...

"'What I find fascinating is that our candidates seem to be competing for who's more gun-friendly, and that seems absurd when that's not up there in the concerns of the majority of people,' she said. 'They're more worried about educating their kids, getting decent health care and putting food on the table.'" ...

South Africa: Now they're robbing churches
Submitted by: Bruce W. Krafft

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"An armed gang burst into an Anglican church in the city and robbed about 30 congregants, pistol-whipped the rector, and made off with the goods."

"Three masked men, two of them armed, stormed into a church meeting and held up parishioners - including terrified children - in the church hall." ...

"The drama began as members of the St Alban's Anglican Church in Goodwood met on Wednesday evening to listen to a presentation about investing in an overhead projector."

"The robbers, wearing beanies, hats and scarves to cover their faces, came into the church and ordered everyone to lie on the floor. Two started collecting cellphones, purses, money and jewellery." ...

A strong body makes the mind strong. As to the species of exercises, I advise the gun. While this gives moderate exercise to the body, it gives boldness, enterprise, and independence to the mind. Games played with the ball and others of that nature, are too violent for the body and stamp no character on the mind. Let your gun therefore be the constant companion of your walks. — Thomas Jefferson, Encyclopedia of T. Jefferson, 318, Foley, Ed., reissued 1967.

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