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HCI's Full "Report Card" - Check Your State "Grades"
Submitted by: Liberty Lady

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Interesting to note that states with excessively high crime cities get better grades from this gun hating bigot.

Women and the Poor Are Biggest Victims of Gun Licensing Law
Submitted by: Libertarians

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California Libertarians' press release about gun licensing.

We sure don't see the Republican party doing press releases like this...

Fla. Residents Protest Wal-Mart Gun Sales Near School
Submitted by: Floridian on Fire!

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"Residents of Tampa, Fla., are protesting against Wal-Mart selling guns at a location next to a high school in North Tampa..."

"...residents discussed plans to stop the store from selling rifles and shotguns at the store next to Wharton High School. Plans include picketing the store when it opens and gathering signatures on petitions showing opposition to the gun sales."

Like somebody is going to walk out and start shooting? These people are IGNORANT!

Maine: law firm attempts to buy confiscated weapons in order to destroy them
Submitted by: Maine Madness

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"A law firm from Biddeford has submitted a bid for clients who want to buy and destroy handguns confiscated by Saco police, but technicalities may prevent councilors from considering the offer."

But there are complications because the GUN HATER is not a dealer. HA! A law actually works for CITIZENS!!

France: Hunters starting a Revolution! (Viva la resistance!)
Submitted by: Oui Oui!

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This is GREAT STUFF!!!

"France has shortened its hunting season this summer for the first time in 150 years. Angry sportsmen have taken a cue from the NRA."

"Trifle with such passion and dedication, and you're asking for trouble. That's been the experience of the French government, which is facing something akin to a slow-motion revolt by the nation's 1.5 million hunters, a groundswell of hostility of men in rubber hip waders and forest-green jackets that could have far-reaching political consequences."

Wait until you read about some of their VERY confrontational activism!

Women's Network sponsoring 3 shooting events
Submitted by: WomanPower

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"The Kentucky Network of Outdoor Women has joined with the Women's Sport Shooting Foundation in sponsoring three events at the Elks Creek Sporting Clays Club in Owenton, Ky."

It's nice to see women's groups getting press. GO LADIES!!

Canada: Gun murders gang related
Submitted by: Ooops. Law not working

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But guns are banned there. This must be a misprint. They've got what Sarah Brady wants here, so how could this be?

Robotic security guard that can shoot at will
Submitted by: Robocop

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"Researchers in Thailand have developed a robot security guard that comes armed with a gun, and has no qualms about whom it shoots."

"Called 'Roboguard', the gun-toting sentinel is designed as a cheap alternative to a human guard. It can be ordered to fire at will, or told to check first with a human via a secure Internet connection."

U.S. giving Chinese more war secrets
Submitted by: Tom

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Here we go again....the military are giving the Chinese all kinds of interesting warfare techniques and lessons learned. At this rate, the Chinese will be able to become the premiere world power and make sure everybody follows *their* rules.

"This is reminiscent of the military advice and support that the British and United States gave to Japan's military in the years prior to World War II," Mr. Rep. Rohrabacher said. "How can anyone possibly claim it's in the U.S. interest?"

Woman who questioned Gore now faces IRS inquiry
Submitted by: Feed the Hogs

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"The woman who sharply questioned Vice President Al Gore at a town-hall meeting about Juanita Broaddrick's rape accusation against President Clinton has become the subject of an inquiry by the Internal Revenue Service."

"I find it very suspicious," said Katherine Prudhomme, who subjected Mr. Gore to several long, uncomfortable minutes of questioning about the Broaddrick case in December. "I feel like I'm being harassed."

Gun registry a waste of money, police told
Submitted by: Shannon

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It looks like some of the Canadian police department are using their brains and voices against the 1995 Firearms Act, in which they want every gun owner in Canada will be licenced and registered their guns by Jan.1,2003

"The money allotted to the gun registry would be far better spent on a DNA registry or a sex offender registry," Mr. MacKay said as the more than 200 delegates at the Sheraton Halifax Hotel broke into applause"

UK: Orders on weapons put the public in danger
Submitted by: Ex Brit

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This UK article explains,

"There are gangs of youths steaming through an area and robbing people but no attempt is made to detain any of them."


"Stabbings are often presented as assaults, with the number of arrests reported not reflecting the true extent of carnival-related crime. Arrests and crimes reported outside a narrow time band and away from certain areas are not included in official figures."

Interesting read on this "gun safe" nation.

HCI's Takes to the Road on a Bush and Guns Tour
Submitted by: David Adams

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HCI began a tour of the US on August 24 to let America know George W. Bush's record on guns. This link provides a list of dates for the HCI road show. Pro-freedom activists should make a point to be at every stop to show support for our rights. Check the site regularly to see if HCI will be in your area. (Note, there is an annoying pop-up box asking for financial support for the tour but it is easily closed.)

An Australian Gun-maker's Views on Australian Defence
Submitted by: hunter

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Apparently America isn't the only place where the liberals are
determined to leave both the country and individual citizens
defenceless. Ron Owen has some ideas to correct the situation
that I believe you'll find refreshingly familiar.

Liberty has never come from government. Liberty has always come from the subjects of government. The history of liberty is the history of resistance. Woodrow Wilson, May 9, 1912, Address, New York Press Club.

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