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Newslinks for 9/12/2000

First Thing We Do...

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The lawyers are imposing huge costs on America.

By John Derbyshire, NR contributing editor

A new gun owner gets a lesson about gun ownership we have lived with for years. And it's time we put a stop to it.

Or as Shakespeare said, "The first thing we do is kill all the lawyers." Or at least sue them.

Police showed more restraint than they had to
Submitted by: Copper

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Two men with guns in the past week and a half, one pointing a pistol at deputies. Another man, just days earlier, reportedly firing at officers, blasting out a driver's-side window on a patrol car, spraying houses and cars with bullets.

Number of gun-wielding suspects now dead in Lincoln County?


Number of law officers hurt or dead?


These two stupid gun owners are lucky to be alive, and these cops could have pulled the trigger. Pass it on...

Man whose gun used to kill little girl gets 15 years
Submitted by: Later

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"A man accused of letting a 6-year-old boy get his hands on the gun he allegedly used to kill a first-grade classmate was sentenced today to two to 15 years in prison."

"Jamelle James, 20, was charged with leaving a .32-caliber semiautomatic pistol in a shoebox in his bedroom. Police say a boy living in the household took the gun to school and shot Kayla Rolland on Feb. 29."
Sends quite a message to folks who have guns lying around while they conduct their drug deals - if they read.

Unarmed APS Officers Called Liability Risk
Submitted by: Copper

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"The Albuquerque Public Schools district is leaving itself open to huge liability by not allowing its 25 police officers to carry guns, a consultant says in a new report."

"The consultant's report recommends that APS officers immediately stop handling all alarm calls, driving marked police cars and responding to calls of armed students or adults until they are allowed to arm themselves."
What do they expect these police to do...yell at a gunman? Twits in Charge.

From the "stupid criminal" file...clerk caught on camera robbing own shop
Submitted by: Stupid Criminal

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If you're going to pull the wool over the cops' eyes, make sure it's not see-through.

That's the lesson a night clerk at a Shawnee, Kan., gas station learned when he muddled up a con on his own convenience store.

Pro Concealed Carry on
Submitted by: Carrier

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FoxNews also ran the segment on national television. More on that plus the access to THANK THEM here:

Machine gun shooting - in Canada
Submitted by: Machine Gunner

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Machine guns are banned in Canada, right?

Beretta going back to trial?
Submitted by: Gun Lawsuits

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It's hard to believe, especially since this press release comes from CPHV, but it looks like Beretta is going to trial again on what we thought had been a done deal.

Gun banner to testify before congress
Submitted by: Congressional Hearing

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"Tom Diaz, author of Making a Killing: The Business of Guns in America and Senior Policy Analyst at the Violence Policy Center (VPC), will testify before the Senate Commerce Committee on Wednesday, September 13, 2000."

"Tom Diaz will discuss how the firearms industry 'has secured its future through the recruitment of children' to the gun culture."
VPC is the most dispicable of them all.

Gore Faults Hollywood on Violence
Submitted by: Goremonger

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In a nuanced speech on the entertainment industry in March, he urged industry self-restraint against the ``violence being showered on the heads of young people.' Yet he declared ``it is not fair to make the industry a scapegoat when we have a flood of guns in our society.'

But in a meeting at a Belleville, Ill., school Monday, the attack on guns was set aside in favor of a broadside on entertainment. ``Kids now see 20,000 murders on television by the time they graduate,' he said.

Dakota County deputy shoots, kills bank robbery suspect
Submitted by: Dead Criminal

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"The suspect died around 8 p.m. in surgery at Regions Hospital in St. Paul, hours after a robbery at the Americana National Bank in Hayward, about five miles east of Albert Lea in southern Minnesota."
Good. Done. Next.
Glad the officers are all alive and well...

Another "Brady is a failure" article
Submitted by: Brady

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"A NEW STUDY on one of the most important pieces of gun-control legislation ever enacted in America are in, and they show — drum roll please — that it’s had no effect on homicide rates."

"Inevitably detractors will criticize the study but expert crime-watchers, like John Lott of Yale University, had long predicted these results."

"Lott is perhaps America’s foremost authority on gun laws and their relation to crime. And in the just-released second edition of his book..."

All our liberties are due to men who, when their conscience has compelled them, have broken the laws of the land. —WILLIAM KINGDON CLIFFORD

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