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Newslinks for 9/14/2000

Guns: Left's Hysteria Running Rampant Over Common Sense
Submitted by: Blaise Burry

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Neal Boortz
Tuesday, Sept. 12, 2000

"When we had scores of kids legally carrying guns to school every week, there were no shootings. Now guns are absolutely forbidden in schools – even administrators and teachers can’t have them – and we do have shootings. And the left is blaming this on "easy availability of guns."

Sorry, doesn’t compute.

The Great Debate over Gun Control, Boortz vs Tucker
Submitted by: Blaise Burry

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By Jeff Dantre' - Posted: 09.13.00
A SierraTimes Editorial - © 2000

ATLANTA- A debate team in the Communications Department of Georgia State University brought together two of the South's leading political pundits for "The Great Debate over Gun Control" on Monday night. The event pitted nationally syndicated, libertarian talk show host Neal Boortz, ...against the editor-in-chief of the Atlanta Constitution newspaper, Cynthia Tucker.

Lessons in Reality: B*tches with Guns
Submitted by: Blaise Burry

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From the 'WAR-ROOM', website of 'QUINN AND ROSE IN THE MORNING', WRRK radio, Pittsburgh, PA.

Senate bill requires firearm registration
Submitted by: Blaise Burry

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Mandates universal gun licenses
featuring photo, personal info
By Jon E. Dougherty
© 2000

"It is in the national interest and within the role of the federal government to ensure that the regulation of firearms is uniform among the states."


Clinton's laptop cops
Submitted by: Copper

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"One of President Clinton's favorite boasts is his claim he put 100,000 new cops on the streets."

"But, despite $9 billion in federal spending, the Community Oriented Policing Service's (COPS) 100,000 new police claim is another Washington fraud. "Voodoo math" was how one Florida police chief characterized the Clinton administration's success claims."

"Mr. Clinton's new cops are often nothing more than federally paid purchases of laptop computers."

Time: The true tax burden
Submitted by: Taxes

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The surrealistic level of over taxation simply does not strike a clear chord with most people. The hidden taxes, the income tax withholding structure, the taxes of unfunded mandates for citizens..."

"...The percentage of national income gobbled by government is at the highest level since the Second World War; soon it will surpass that feverish level of guns before butter expenditures and become the highest percentage in our history..."

Feds make state decide on local gun laws
Submitted by: Cali.

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"Federal appellate judges want the California Supreme Court to answer a question it has managed to avoid: Can cities and counties in the state pass their own gun-control laws?"

"...the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said Tuesday it needed to know how much leeway California law gave local governments to regulate firearms...."

"A state appellate court struck down San Francisco's local ban on handgun possession in 1982 and ruled that cities and counties had no authority to regulate gun possession. But another appellate court upheld West Hollywood's ban on cheap handguns known as Saturday Night Specials in 1998 and ruled that a city could outlaw a gun that was legal in other parts of the state."

Canada: Federal government rolls out TV ad in bid to push compliance with gun law
Submitted by: Canada

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"...30 second spot that softly prods Canadian gun owners to sign up to Ottawa's licensing scheme."

"With less than four months to go before all gun owners must be licensed by law, the federal government is rolling out big bucks and taking aim at gun enthusiasts in a prime-time blitz."

The Gun Access Follies -- Don't look at the guns — look at the kids.
Submitted by: Kopel

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"Gun prohibitionists endlessly repeat the mantra that high rates of juvenile gun crime are due to the increased availability and lethality of firearms. This theory is dangerous. And it's nonsense."

"First, mere availability of firearms does not turn juveniles into criminals..."

"Moreover, the assumption that firearms are more available to young people is not true..."

"...youths have had ready access to deadly weapons from the first day that Indian settlers crossed the Bering Strait."

Antidrug guns meant for Colombian effort disappoint
Submitted by: Columbia

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"Four hulking, rapid-fire machine guns the State Department reluctantly bought for drug-fighting helicopters in Colombia were pulled from service after they repeatedly malfunctioned and threw the aircraft off-balance."

"The Gau-19 Gatling guns, which the administration bought for a total of $2.1 million at the urging of key Republicans and Colombian police, are so expensive to operate they threaten to "eat up our budget ... faster than it could possibly chew up narco-terrorists..."

McCain takes a shot at violence peddling Hollywood
Submitted by: Violent Media

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"Sen. John McCain, chairing the Commerce Committee hearing, said it was up to the industry to clean up its act and criticized Hollywood executives for declining to testify at the hearing."

"By some uncanny coincidence every single studio executive was either out of the country or unavailable," the Arizona Republican said in prepared testimony. "I can only conclude the industry was too ashamed of, or unable to defend, their marketing practices."

South Africa: Church no sanctuary from crime
Submitted by: Church

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"When three armed robbers burst into St. Matthew's Anglican Traditional Church 20 minutes into the Sunday morning service, Sheena Shirley dropped to her knees and began praying the "Our Father."

"As one of the robbers pressed the barrel of his gun against her salt-and-pepper hair, the retired schoolteacher paused from prayer long enough to dig into her purse and hand over her money..."

Gov. Bush in Texas signed law allowing carry in churches. Bethca won't see this happening in Texas! These South Africans are reaping the "benefits" of gun restrictions.

Man drives SUV into police station and shoots at officers
Submitted by: Copper

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"A man driving a sport utility vehicle crashed into a police station Wednesday and started shooting at officers inside, police said."

"At about 12:30 p.m., the man drove the SUV up the front steps of the building that houses the Danville police and the Vermillion County sheriff, police said. The driver crashed through the lobby's window and door and emerged with a gun before shots were exchanged."

Mexico City Cops Protest Detention
Submitted by: Copper

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"MEXICO CITY - Hundreds of Mexico City police blocked streets with patrol cars and marched through the city's center Wednesday to protest the detention of four colleagues who shot and killed a thief during a gun battle."

"The protest came after television networks showed shocking footage of armed police running away from knife-wielding thugs recently; the protesting cops said Wednesday they avoid using their weapons because they fear getting into legal trouble if they do."

'Shadow of Columbine' falls on bill
Submitted by: Columbine

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Anti-self-defense people beating up Colorado legislator Tancredo (Rep.) - who lives IN Columbine. He didn't take kindly to it:

"I need no one to remind me how it (Columbine) happened or what happened," the freshman lawmaker tersely replied. He called his colleagues' references to the shootings "disrespectful."

"Tell me about Columbine? You don't have to tell me a thing about Columbine. . . . I've had it. I'm not going to let them get by with it."

The Brady Bill's only effect will be to desensitize the public to regulation of weapons in preparation for their ultimate confiscation. — Charles Krauthammer, The Washington Post, April 5, 1996

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