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Inventory requirement part of piecemeal gun control strategy
Submitted by: Will Stubner

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By Jon E. Dougherty

The Clinton administration's proposed rule that would force all federally licensed gun dealers, importers and manufacturers to inventory their stocks once a year is the latest in a series of actions the president has taken in an attempt to further strengthen firearms regulations before leaving office next January.

Man dead, two officers shot during traffic stop
Submitted by: James

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Could've been anything, including:
1) guy was tired of paying for expensive bumper stickers sold by the government
2) was hiding something
3) was a suicidal, homicidal nut case
4) cops did something they ain't telling us
5) ???

I just wish it was not a GUN!!! And send prayers to all involved.

Gun controlling politicians duking it out over who is more anti
Submitted by: James

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150 years ago, bragging about being for gun control would've gotten them both thrown off the stage.

Cincinnati gun lawsuit fires a dud
Submitted by: Michael Benny

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"The gun industry has won the latest round in the litigation between it and more than two dozen cities across the country."

"A panel of the Ohio Court of Appeals, 1st District, affirming a trial court's ruling, has dismissed Cincinnati's suit against gun makers and firearms associations for reimbursement for police, medical and other municipal services provided as a result of negligence in the design and safety features of guns. City of Cincinnati v. Beretta U.S.A. Corp."

Canada: National police group delays gun law debate
Submitted by: Copper

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HALIFAX - The Canadian Police Association has decided to postpone voting on whether to withdraw support for Ottawa's new gun registry.

At the association's annual meeting in Halifax, members agreed to put off debating the issue until next March.

The Edmonton Police Association had filed a motion calling on the CPA to withdraw its support for the legislation.


Detroit police shoot deaf man who threatened officers with a rake!!
Submitted by: Wow

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If this isn't wrong, and if this officer doesn't get fired and charged with murder, we've got a problem.

Giving Away Our Freedom: Is There a Point of No Return?
Submitted by: Wanderer

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This guy doesn't hold back...

"Some particularly sleazy rats have emerged from the congressional woodwork - here are the names of three traitors for your consideration: Jack Reed, Charles Schumer, and Frank Lautenberg. These disgusting wretches have weaseled their way into the United States Senate and are using their positions of trust to betray the Constitution. Specifically, these creatures have a bill in the Senate to require federal registration of our personal sidearms."

Alaska: guns banned at park where bears wander
Submitted by: Will Stubner

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"People openly carry guns down there in the park," Smallwood said. "Many, many people sit there with shotguns by their tents. Let me tell ya, there's bears in there. I haven't seen a brownie yet, but I've seen the black bears."

Smallwood said he will keep going to the park and refuses to do so without a couple of guns. "I'm packing right now for the sheer thing of sticking it in their nose," he said. "Here I am, I'm armed, come and get me."

Completely one-sided "reporting" from "media" who deserves a letter re: CA Licensing
Submitted by: Liberty Mama

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San Francisco's "news" outlet apparently wants to enthusiastically follow Hitler's disarmament plan. I sent them my letter on gun licensing.

Shooting of eight-month-old leaves neighbors shocked
Submitted by: shannon

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It's unfortunate that this kid has never been properly trained with guns. Now he and/or his foster parents will go to jail. Children need to be educated with guns, taken to shoot bottles or cans so they can see what these things will do. Watching television and seeing actors get shot only to surface on another show don't quite convey the realities about firearms. This is a parental and societal issue.

"POLICE HAVE THE eleven-year-old foster boy in custody for questioning."

Simplistic view of how to solve NRA corruption
Submitted by: NRA Burnout

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I'll support this thing, but these suggestions that this will solve the stated problems is oversold in a big way. I've been with NRA for years, and the problems internally are so far beyond what this measure claims that it is like putting a bandaid on a bullet wound.

Cops who raided wrong house are bribing their victim
Submitted by: Cop Out

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"A week ago, Broward Sheriff's officers wearing masks and carrying guns burst into her house."

"Now Lily Chapman can't get rid of the officers who raided her home by mistake. They have delivered a new 21-inch television set, matching bathroom accessories and a barbecue grill. Someone from the Broward Sheriff's Office stops by daily to check on her. Sheriff Ken Jenne dropped by Saturday and Sunday to make sure everything was OK."

"The officers meant to hit a different house..."


Fox "news" yapping about the need to go beyond the Brady Law
Submitted by: Over It

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The Mouth strikes again. The "O'Reilly Factor" continues to bend over for nonsense without bothering to think or check facts.

Now we know why they've been so quick to say Brady didn't they could, as usual, ask for more.

The right of the people to keep and bear arms has been recognized by the General Government; but the best security of that right after all is, the military spirit, that taste for martial exercises, which has always distinguished the free citizens of these States....Such men form the best barrier to the liberties of America Gazette of the United States, October 14, 1789.

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