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Rosie gets dumped by Cleveland
Submitted by: Ban Rosie

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"Daytime TV in Cleveland is suddenly less Rosie. The question of whether and when she’ll get a new home for another season has not been settled."

"WJW Channel 8 ran its final broadcast of "The Rosie O’Donnell Show" last Friday to make way for a new slate of courtroom shows."

Anti-self-defense people in Colorado have collected a lot of money
Submitted by: Colorado

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"Backers of Amendment 22 have raised nearly $400,000 to close the socalled "gun show loophole," according to documents filed Tuesday with the Secretary of State's Office."

"The measure's opponents, meanwhile, have collected only about $16,000. However, the National Rifle Association is expected to kick some money into their coffers soon."

1,000,000 Hunters in Pennsylvania
Submitted by: Pennsylvania

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This many armed citizens must really scare the powerseekers who know they cannot overtake such a militia. Just think of how many gun owners DON'T hunt. The government is smart not to push too far against such a large number of armed citizens.

Phoenix cop trades in his disguises
Submitted by: Copper

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Interesting reading, and not very long...

"For 15 years, Ballentine pretended to be a killer for hire. This bogus bad guy impersonated everyone from an underworld "wise guy" to a vicious motorcycle outlaw. His name —not his face — became well-recognized in Arizona, where his theatrical exploits and colorful court testimony were regular fare on the nightly news."

Now the undercover cop is turning in his disguises. His last case went to trial Wednesday."

British Gun Control (where only criminals have guns!)
Submitted by: Anonymous

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More validation that their "common sense gun safety" ain't so smart at all...

A hostage situation spawned from a robbery-gone-awry has ended peacefully
Submitted by: Zeno Enterprises

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ABC News reports about a robbery in the PRK. But what's the point in mentioning what type of weapon used by the bad guy except sensationalism?

It does show, however, that banning this weapon in the People's Republik of Kalifornia didn't stop this puke from obtaining one and using it in a bank robbery attempt and to take hostages.

Emotional woman attacking guns due to someone's suicide
Submitted by: Bragging??

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This woman's brother kills himself, and because it was a gun, she pushes for pre-confiscation laws.

If he'd hung himself, would she be pushing for rope licensing? Of course not. You can't win a public office that way, so she is using her brother's death for political gain - with guns as the popular and ultra-handy whipping boy.

Artist targets violence in video games
Submitted by: Good News

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This is a nice thing to see happening considering how many kids are programming themselves to kill...

"Kathleen Ruiz's new multimedia installation challenges gamers to bring people back to life rather than gun them down."

"In doing so, Ruiz, assistant professor of electronic arts at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, says she's challenging the fine line between the virtual and the real. Her work will be on display at Woodstock Artists Association in Woodstock, N.Y., through Oct. 16."

Court protection order, like all gun laws, didn't stop the crime
Submitted by: Sad

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Sad story. A woman who'd had a court "protection" order still got murdered by her estranged husband before he offed himself.

When someone is intent on killing, "laws" are not part of their mental process. This seems self-evident, but so do many things liberals are unable to understand for some strange reason.

Clinton Calls for U.N. Army
Submitted by: STOP U.N.

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President Bill Clinton told world leaders gathered today in New York that the United Nations needs a rapid deployment force of well-trained and well-equipped soldiers capable of projecting "credible force" into trouble spots.
Clinton was the first head of state to speak at the largest gathering of world leaders in history, attending the U.N. Millennium Summit.

Clinton spoke almost exclusively on the "making and keeping of peace."

Clinton lies about guns again
Submitted by: Stop Clinton's Lies

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Says 10 kids are killed each day with guns in America. LIE LIE LIE. (Not that that is any big news...)

Albuquerque implements "Project Exile"
Submitted by: Hmmm

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"Under Project Exile, convicted felons in the Albuquerque area found possessing a firearm face federal prosecution and a possible prison sentence of up to 15 years."
This includes, of course, felons whose only "felony" comes from having been caught carrying a gun in another state where it is a felony to do so.

If we lower our standards, we lower the flag. — President Ronald Reagan

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