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News & Editorials

Gun Rights Organization Announces Former Military Leader as President


For Immediate Release
March 21, 2001
Contact: Angel Shamaya, Founder/Executive Director


It is with great pride and deep honor that we make the following announcement to the world: Harley SwiftDeer Reagan, Ph.D., D.D. is now officially the President of In shooting circles, he is known as and prefers to go by "Gunnie" -- a nickname given to Master Gunnery Sergeants, as any veteran knows. We could literally write a book about this man, his life, his many gifts to the world and to the freedoms human beings cherish, but his autobiography was already written, and that would take up a lot of your time, so please allow us a moment to touch upon a few highlights of why this is a tremendous blessing for this organization. 

First, and few outside our membership may even know this, Gunnie was the original human inspiration for the development of this organization.  We could easily elaborate in great detail, thousands of words, how attentive, patient, understanding, inspirational, motivational and empowering Gunnie has been for in the last year and a half. One day, we'll put the whole history down in writing, too.  Right now, we'd like to run down a list of his successes to give you the tiniest of glimpses into our new President. 

Gunnie is known to quite a few people as "The Shooting Shaman." As powerful a healer as he is a warrior, SwiftDeer is a shaman and the founder of the Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society (DTMMS). Through the DTMMS, he offers the Warrior's Integrated Training in Self-defense (WITS), which includes both firearms and self defense training. A benefactor and lifetime member of the NRA, the Shooting Shaman is also an NRA-certified handgun and long gun instructor, an Arizona State CCW (Concealed Carry Weapons) instructor, a GunSite graduate, and more.

Learning how to shoot and becoming an avid martial artist before the age of 10, our new President went on to join the special forces of the U.S. Marine Corps (First Force Recon Battalion, First Marine Division, Third Company). He followed four tours of duty in Vietnam with three consecutive world championship titles in Jiu-Jitsu and gave devoted service as a peace officer in the civilian world.

Now a 10th-degree black belt, Gunnie and his wife Dianne currently run the Deer Tribe Gun Club and the Ten-No-Kishi Dojo (martial arts training hall) in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Born in Texas, Gunnie comes from a half Cherokee, half Irish ancestry. His maternal great-grandparents were survivors of the Trail of Tears in 1839. His father's parents immigrated to Texas from Ireland during the potato famine. Gunnie's parents and extended family raised him with a strong Native American heritage: hard work, straightforward honesty and a warrior spirit.

Now is the time for our collective warrior spirit to firmly re-cement the cornerstone of the U.S. Constitution -- that our nation and our liberty will remain solid and strong for the next seven generations. Through preserving and restoring the second amendment, all of our rights will be protected. We doubt there is a man in this country who has a "better" grasp of that fact than Gunnie, though many of us do feel as strongly. He's 100% Liberty in every cell of his body, is now and will always be a truly free human being, and his passion for our beloved nation is unsurpassed.

This web site is a weapon to defeat our greatest enemy: our own complacency. It is a tool to awaken and activate the warrior within each of us, an opportunity to take personal responsibility for creating justice in our own lives by educating others and taking simple action. We are here with you to exercise and express the awesome power of the first three liberty boxes (the voting box, the jury box, and the computer box [the internet]), because we wish to avoid the fourth and last resort: the cartridge box.

Harley SwiftDeer Reagan, the entire staff of, and the 83,000,000 peaceful, law abiding gun owners in America today, now stand with YOU as you bravely CHOOSE the value of justice over the greed for profit being exhibited in many of the so-called "leaders" in our country. We celebrate the victory of your personal power over the "power" of position, as you boldly and magnificently create the beauty and the freedom that the United States and our beautiful world were born to emulate.

We are tremendously honored and excited to welcome a truly great Second Amendment champion to the helm of We did ask him if he would like to offer a message to announce his presence in a pivotal role for this organization. Here is what he has to say to you:

"I send greetings to all Keep And Bear Arms members and to our general viewing public. It is a great honor and privilege to represent this organization as its President at this critical time in our history.

"As's President, I feel it is my primary duty to represent our pro Freedom, pro Constitution and pro Bill of Rights platform from a place of high moral and ethical integrity, and begin immediately the battle for complete and total restoration of our second amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms, fully -- as was intended by the founders of our Constitution. To that extent, I dedicate myself to fighting for our Human Civil Rights as independent sovereign citizens of each state we reside and vote in as a resident of the united States of America.

"My (our) policy is and will continue to be one of absolutely no compromise at any time, anywhere and in any way, with our Right to Keep and Bear Arms, period!

"One of our objectives as free people needs to be the repeal every single gun law that is not directly about confronting the misuse of firearms by criminal elements. Every single law that is contrary to 2nd Amendment must and will be repealed at any and all cost using the 4 boxes of liberty which I have written about previously. At this moment, I stand firmly as's President with the 10 principles of leadership, the 10 Rights guaranteed to us by our Constitution's Bill of Rights.

"My other purpose and dedication is to work with the other pro gun organizations, to unite us in strategy, tactics and solid reconnaissance into a united block of voters who will not acquiesce or compromise our amendment position or principle. We must make certain -- from the NRA and down through all the pro gun organizations -- that we stop immediately this foolish social, cultural, political and unacceptable stance of "compromise."

"The process of designing our next levels of development are taking place behind the scenes. Expect to see some positive changes, in due time, in how we do what we do.

"In conclusion, I am also now's Shooting Director. My efforts in this aspect of my own contributions to this fine organization will be focused on uniting and upleveling all aspects of sport/competition shooting into pro self-defense and self reliant Citizens. You who understand this movement and its weaknesses know how desperately we need to inspire shooters into activism. I have already forged an alliance and an agreement with a national champion shooter who will be wearing a patch in his competitions (more on that once details are put in place), and many more such unifications are on the way.

"Remember: United we stand, invincible and victorious.

"Give me liberty or give me death. (And you'd better be one tough cat to perform the latter.)"

Harley SwiftDeer Reagan Ph.D. D.D.
a.k.a. "Gunnie" and "The Shooting Shaman"
President, Shooting Director


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