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News & Editorials

Lost Military Vote Tallies Climbing

followup by Angel Shamaya

10 Nov 2000
9:50am PST


As our call for input from U.S. military service members regarding non-receipt or late receipt of absentee ballots gets spread around the internet, reports continue to come in -- from all over the world. The items below came directly to the email address we've set up to handle the task of counting uncounted military votes, should they be needed by President-elect Bush if The Gorelet tries to claim victory in Florida.

Texas -- No ballot, would have voted for Bush, just answered questions in questionnaire, came from a .mil email address.

Texas -- From a father:

"My son is in the Army, stationed at Fort Drum, New York.  He and three other guys from his platoon had given their Lieutenant their voter's cards to get absentee ballots for the election (this was early October).  I called my son [name withheld by] just now and he said he didn't vote because he never got an absentee ballot.  They have been going to the field for 10-days at a time over the last two months and knew there was some kind of a deadline but he didn't know if the Lieutenant missed the deadline for requesting the ballots or what the reason was for not getting a ballot.  He is going to talk to his Lieutenant tomorrow and let me know back.  My son is registered in Texas, and he would have voted for Bush."

Texas -- No ballot, yes for Bush, from this serviceman:

"Count this for 2 people, my active duty wife and myself who is also on active duty on Okinawa Japan."

Three potential Bush votes from Florida that didn't get ballots. From a Member:

"I'm serving in the Marine Corps, in Camp Lejeune, NC.  I have found at least 3 people in my battalion (2nd Radio BN) who are Floridians and were unable to vote.  I know one of them applied for an absentee ballot roughly 5 months ago, and never got it.  If you need more details, let me know and I'll try to track them down."

Oklahoma and Arkansas lost votes, Navy Man writes:

"Yes, I am a Navy Man and I do know quite a few people that were not able to vote this year. I have personal friends in Oklahoma and another from Arkansas. It seems that both states make it a practice to send their absentee ballots late -- so they do not get counted for either the primary or the general election."

Lost Bush vote in California:

"I'm stationed in North Carolina. I requested an absentee ballot for California but never received it. I was able to register in NC to vote -- but my ballot would have been more important in California."

From a Major in Germany:

"Over six weeks ago, both my wife and me applied for our absentee ballot for Illinois.  My wife received her ballot within two weeks.  Mine never came and subsequently I did not have an opportunity to vote.  I would have voted for Bush."

Another Florida military service member who requested and never received an absentee ballot. No personal message, just answered questionnaire and sent it in from an overseas email address.

From a Parent of a U.S. soldier:

"My son is stationed in Hawaii on the Lake Eri, he is home based in Florida. and Would Have Voted For Bush, but he along with several other shipmates did not receive their ballots."

And yet another Floridian who didn't get to vote:

"My name is [withheld to avoid backlash] and I too am stationed in Okinawa with my husband who serves in the Air Force here.  I received my ballot on the 8th of November as well, which was too late to send it in. I was indeed really ticked off as I was and still am fired up about this election.  I would have definitely voted for Mr. Bush and I am from Florida!!!"

So there you have it. We have direct contact with more U.S. Military Servicemen and women have not been allowed to vote for Bush -- and some of them are from Florida.  Are we saying it is a conspiracy?  Not exactly.  But we will say this: the Clinton-Gore administration has lied to us so many times it's not even funny.  They have shot, gassed and burned to death innocent women and children, called it suicide and exonerated all guilty parties. They have walked all over the Constitution.  It's not beyond their reach to have helped the long-standing problem of lost military votes continue. The possibility of their active participation in this election's lost military vote is not a very big reach, at all.

We were asked to remind all military personnel that he law provides for counting your absentee ballot up to 10 days after the election. For soldiers who sent it in, as long as it gets there by November 17, it "should" be counted.

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