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Why We Have Leash Laws

Angel Shamaya
some lady who'd rather be raped than shoot a rapist

Following is a letter from a woman who'd rather be raped than shoot a rapist, printed exactly as posted in our Guestbook at If you don't like watching sheep get sheared, leave this page right now.


I find this to be one of the most disturbing things i have seen in my life. The people who support the prvite use of handguns are the people who are currupting society and its youth. You have no respect for human life and the gift of peace. Why cant any of you see that guns are killing children and people all over the world. Get over your damn outdated constitution and realize that right to bear arms doesnt mean you get to put your family and other people in danger. You are teaching the art of killing to everyone around you. Why do you have a gun? To protect your family? Why? Im sure that robbery and crime are high and thats the only way to stay alive. Just wait until your children accidently kill themselves because you keep a firearm in the house. Open your eyes and see that times have changed and your right is over. You are the problem. You are the evil that makes america an unsafe place to live.

Dear Joannie,

If the Constitution (which should ALWAYS be capitalized) is "outdated," and if you and your kind end up having your way with our country by dispensing with the one amendment that protects all the rest, please get used to to being told what you can or cannot say, what you can or cannot do -- and get used to being randomly searched because you "don't look right" or "don't act right." And forget about a trial by jury after you get randomly searched and caught with a banned book.  If you practice a religion (such as, possibly, The Church of the Holy Sheeple), you'd better get used to practicing the "right religion," because that is the only one you'll be allowed to practice in your future disarmed America -- and it won't be the one you choose, at all; it will be chosen for you. History must not have been your forte.

The founding fathers of this country put EACH amendment in the Bill of Rights in place with good, sound reasons. You don't know those reasons because you've never bothered to read the historical documents that discuss the intention behind the amendments, and most specifically the second amendment. You -- like so many other lost souls -- get your information from a government that seeks to enslave you, and you also get your information from a bunch of complicit, dark-hearted "leaders" in the Societal Downslide Parade -- people who thirst for power and place laws upon people to which they themselves are oftentimes immune.

Though there are in fact men as issue-retarded as you have unequivocally demonstrated yourself to be, I deduce from your name that you are of the female persuasion. It is also reasonably safe to assume that you are without self-defense (and child-defense) firearms, as well.  By simple deduction, one can easily see that you would rather be raped by a "man" invading your home than to shoot him as he seeks to have his way with you. This tells me that I care more about your womanhood, your dignity and safety and the well-being of your own family than you do.  I would never set up a situation where your only choice was to be forcibly raped, but you not only invite it by being disarmed and thus easily victimizable, you seek to press the same horrid fate upon America's mothers, sisters, daughters, grandmothers and granddaughters. So who is really evil, Joannie?  You are. You push a plan that gets women's bodies and souls violated irreparably and attempt to claim the higher moral ground, failing miserably even as you congratulate yourself on being a "noble" prey.

Get real. For God's sake.

Perhaps you think your fearless leader's advice to "ask the rapist nicely to please wear a condom" is somehow going to make rapists stop raping and murderers stop murdering. Go for it, sister. Get raped while you're walking to your car at night. Get stabbed over your purse by some junkie who sees you as an easy ticket to his next vial of banned cocaine. Watch your children get killed before your very eyes right before three big, hairy, smelly ex-convicts take turns with you if that is the path you choose.

But don't you dare tell me and my self-determinant brothers and sisters we are "evil" because we defend the rights of intelligent and empowered women to say NO to rapists!  You have NO RIGHT to expect other people to weaken down to your level!

Because you choose weakness and vulnerability as a way of life, you berate the woman who looks a mean, nasty, vicious scumbag in the eye and tells him NO -- in whatever way is necessary up to and including legal lethal force -- to prevent him from damaging her body, mind, spirit, heart and soul. You tell dainty, 90-pound women they are "wrong" for not laying down on their backs to be gang-raped by hardened criminals with rap sheets that tally higher than your IQ -- and call yourself a good person?  Shame on you!!

You should be utterly and disgracefully ashamed of yourself, Joannie!

The vast majority of gun owners have never committed a violent act -- and they never will. You haven't bothered checking in with some real stats from a impartial sources (as in: not HCI, CPHV, VPC or any of the other anti-self-defense, anti-Constitution liars in America) to find out that only .004% of all guns get used in crime -- because you're too damned self-righteous to think, as evidenced by some of the most ignorant things I have ever heard from your liberty-sickened herd:

"...realize that right to bear arms doesnt mean you get to put your family and other people in danger."

Lady, you are so right it's funny.  Nobody, and I mean NOBODY has a right to harm another -- unless it is in self-defense or defense of another. I have never, ever put a single person in danger with any of my guns. Never. Not once. Ever.  On the other hand, I have used my guns -- more than once -- to save life and property.  While you teach your children the Socialist Way and shun the fact that without guns, America would no longer be the freest nation in the world, were I to have been blessed thus far with children, I would teach them how to shoot as soon as they could hold a gun. You teach your children to fear guns; smart parents teach children how to use them safely and intelligently to defend themselves and their loved ones against the predators you and your socialist gurus empower with life-choking, liberty-infringing gun laws.

You actually said, 

"You have no respect for human life and the gift of peace."

You don't even know us, Joannie.  Not only do we respect life, most decent gun owners would defend the lives of you and your own children with our own lives -- even if it meant we would die in the process. Gun laws cost more lives than guns do. You don't want to deal in facts, or you'd already know that and we'd find someone locally to get you trained.  But you're too far gone.  There is no hope for you.  You have chosen to be rapeable, beatable, robbable, killable and an easy pushover for the rest of your weak life.  Go for it.  And when he snatches you by your hair, when he pins you down after forcing you into your back seat, Joannie: enjoy the ride, and "ask him nicely to wear a condom."  Just know that if I see that villain romping on you in your car and you are screaming out for help, when I get there, he WILL stop, Joannie. I, like any good gun owner, will MAKE him stop! And then you will understand the Misinformed Marching Mother who is now getting her license to carry a self-defense device.

And you won't need to thank me, either.  I'll just be being who I am: a red-blooded, honor-defending, life-embracing, American who refuses to submit to anyone -- and who refuses to stand idly by while a decent, innocent citizen is raped or in any other way brutalized. In other words, we would rescue you even though you choose to be too weak to rescue yourself.

This one really turns my stomach, Joannie:

"Open your eyes and see that times have changed and your right is over."

Woman, are you so blind that you cannot see that there are violent criminals out there who enjoy hurting people? But you would have me and my brothers and sisters hand them our money, our dignity and our very lives.

And are you so profoundly naive that you cannot see that our national security is already compromised and at the potential mercy of, among others, Red China? Can you even attempt to comprehend that the only reason Adolf Hitler didn't invade Switzerland was that the people were all armed?  Are you so dense that such a fact misses the puny mark of your tattered intellect?

My right to defend myself, my family, my property, my community, my city, my state and my nation will be over when I am dead, Joannie. Until then, it Lives. Your words are empty air tossed out in vain. There is not a man alive who can take away my right to self-defense and liberty-defense unless he kills me first or overpowers me by sheer force after catching me by surprise.  That is something you and your anti-self-defense friends had better let sink in, because there are thousands and even millions who can and do say the exact same thing.

Finally, please don't EVER spell "America" in lower case again. It's not right. If you can't reach for the Shift key on your keyboard, you're too bloody lazy to utter such ridiculous and history-ignorant opinions as that with which you just tarnished a website that works to defend the very freedoms that let you say such stupid things in public places.

You might also consider using or your computer's spell checker for those tough 7-letter words and those hefty 2, 5 and 6-letter contractions.

And, Joannie.  If you really want our guns, please come and get them.  Just make sure you bring a few friends, and make sure at least 5 or 6 of them are smart enough to be well armed -- to improve their chances.


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We'll take one step at a time, and the first is necessarily - given the political realities - very modest. We'll have to start working again to strengthen the law, and then again to strengthen the next law and again and again. Our ultimate goal, total control of handguns, is going to take time. The first problem is to slow down production and sales. Next is to get registration. The final problem is to make possession of all handguns and ammunition (with a few exceptions) totally illegal. Pete Shields, founder of Handgun Control, Inc., New Yorker Magazine, June 26, 1976, pg. 53

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